I don’t buy apples as often as I used to, partly because we have a few trees of our own, partly because store apples seem to have gone weird, as in huge. The price per pound is not bad, $1 to about $1.70. But eight to twelve ounces apiece? And given the lack of flavor, I assume that most of the weight is water.

I don’t go all moony over apples like I do over, say, strawberries, but our home-grown ones are pretty good and keep for awhile. We had a good harvest last year so there probably won’t be much this time around. The trees are at the top of the hill where there’s not much reason to go, so no one has checked them yet.

Last year’s harvest:


Last year’s crop testing:



2 thoughts on “Apples

  1. Brandy,

    We do nothing to the trees except pick them. They are the remains of a fairly old orchard at the top of the hill. There are only three left, because the previous owner had some bright idea (never realized) which began with cutting down about twenty of them.

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