Pikes Peak

For about a year and a half we lived in the Colorado Springs area, but up in the mountains at 9000ft, about ten miles west of Pikes Peak. One of my favorite touristy jaunts is to take the cog railway to the top of the mountain, so as we were preparing to leave Colorado for Virginia I took the kids for one last ride to the top.


This is just outside the visitors’ center at the top. In the café they make great deep-fried cake donuts, and we always started our visits by picking up a bag.


There is a famous annual car race to the top of the peak, along the treacherous road that runs from the base to the top.


One of the cooler things you can do (but I never did) is to arrange a bike tour down the mountain. They drive you to the top, you coast back down.


My kind of bike riding!


View from the peak, looking west. You can see our house from here. Really.


Another panoramic shot. Click to see a bigger version, then click again to see it full size.


Ten years ago, more or less.


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