From the mailbag

The mail is pouring in! Here are the first two folks to declare themselves Faithful Readers, and their cool postcards.

vintage victorian

Faithful Reader #1 is my dear wife Debbie. And she scared up one of the coolest postcards ever, one that our real estate agent had printed in 1993 when we were trying to sell our vintage Victorian house in the Hill Country west of Austin, Texas.

It truly was a cool house. The previous owners had found it in Burnet, about 50 miles north and scheduled to be demolished. It had been built in 1910 by a lumber mill owner who outfitted the interior with the choicest long pine boards he could find. The finder paid $10,000 for it, then another $50,000 to cut it into fives piece and have it moved to 100 acres in Spicewood, Texas. We bought it from them, had it painted, fenced it in, and built a garage with an apartment over it.

After four years there we decided we’d really rather live in town. It took us two years to sell it. The second year we rented a house in town. Once it sold, Debbie quickly found us another cool house to buy.


Faithful reader #2 is Michelle Shelton, who sent this very nice postcard of the St. Georges Reef Lighthouse, visible from the beach where she and her husband take walks.


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