Virginia Creeper Trail

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a 34 mile section of old railroad right-of-way that runs downhill to Damascus for much of its length. These railway-to-bike-trail conversions are not as benign as their proponents would like you to think—portions of this one run through the front yards of people who had good reason to believe the land was theirs. But the trail is a done deal, and so we are glad to enjoy it.

My brother Gary is a long-time bicyclist who lives in Lynchburg, so when we moved to Bristol ten years ago it was a good excuse to invite him down and have him escort Chris and Maggie along the Trail. Matthew was eager to go, but being only six at the time we decided against it.


We dropped the three of them off at the top of the trail, then hightailed it to the Green Cove station about half the distance to Damascus.


Rolling into the Green Cove station.


A short break, visiting with some fellow travelers.


Consolation prize for not getting to ride along with the rest.


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