Banjo lessons for Chris


The single best thing I ever did for Chris’s musical development was to arrange for banjo lessons with Roy Andrade. We first heard Roy in 2002 with the Reeltime Travelers, who were making a major splash as a regional old-time band. We bought their CD and came to admire his approach to the banjo, which was and is remarkable. We engaged them to play at Elizabeth’s baptismal feast that September. (I’ll post pictures when I find them.)

I’m not sure if it was Roy’s playing that inspired Christ to pick up the banjo, but we bought him one a month later, and a friend showed him enough to get him started. It wasn’t until the following summer that I thought to ask Roy if he gave lessons. He did, and so Chris became his student. Roy taught him banjo, guitar, even a bit of fiddle. But most importantly he taught him how to think about music. Even now I hear a lot of Roy in Chris’s playing.


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