Banjo Camp

In the fall of 2003 Chris decided to give Scruggs-style picking a try. He bought himself a good bluegrass banjo (Deering Sierra) with his own money and settled in to work. The goal was to be ready for Pete Wernick’s intermediate banjo camp in Boulder, January 2004. I drove out and back with Chris, and sat in the classes with him. Intense.


(Chris is in the middle, in a dark red shirt. I am in the back.)

It was a two-day drive out, and a two-day drive back. When we got home I checked my email, and found that a fellow jamcamper had decided to sell a very nice Englehardt upright bass at a very low price. He lived in St. Louis. Where we had spent the night on our way home.

I groaned, thought about it for a minute, asked Debbie if she would put up with me going to fetch it, arranged with the fellow to buy it, asked Matthew if he wanted to go for a ride, and headed out to St Louis with him the next day. Another two days in the car, but well worth it. That bass has served me well.


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