Draught Horse Press

For a short while I thought I was going to be a book publisher. I actually printed two titles. Once I had the internet infrastructure established to sell those books online, I started to get requests from other people for other books. Figuring if I could get my hands on them I could sell them along with mine, I looked into how one does that.

These days we simply order from a wholesaler (Ingram Books), but back then we didn’t have the annual sales they required. But we found that publishers were happy to sell to us direct, especially if we paid cash in advance. Thus was an online bookstore born.DSCN1661

We had a huge basement in the Bristol house, perfect for a warehouse. These shelves held packing supplies, and supplies for making cassette tapes and CDs.


This was the bookstore inventory. At the time we had maybe forty titles.


Workstation where we duplicated cassette tapes. Remember those? For a couple of years our recording sales were split 50/50 between CDs and cassettes, and then literally over the span of two months the ratio shifted to 90/10. Later I decided that was the point at which car CD players had become standard equipment.


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