Dream of a Miner’s Child

A very old song; we learned it from the Stanley Brothers. Chris sings lead, and tries to get as much Carter Stanley into his voice as possible.


2 thoughts on “Dream of a Miner’s Child

  1. my father sang this to me when I was little…he was no miner and we lived in VT, but when he was little he lived in Missouri….do you know where this song originated?

  2. Anonymous,

    We learned the song from a Stanley Brothers recording, but it has been around for quite awhile. This is what Wayne Erbsen says in his excellent book Rural Roots of Bluegrass:

    With the first recording on October 9, 1925, Vernon Dalhart recorded “Dream of the Miner’s Child” nine times! The song may have been inspired by stories of a small boy who dreamed of a mine explosion. True or not, there was in fact a major mining accident in South Wales in 1907, where over 100 miners perished. In 1910, these events inspired Robert Donnelly and Will Geddes to write “Don’t Go Down in the Mines, Dad”. It was later “recomposed” by the blind Atlanta evangelist Rev. Andrew Jenkins in 1925. For a full account of the history of this song, see Archie Green’s book Only a Miner.

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