When we first moved to the farm we had no strawberries planted, of course, so in May 2006 when we heard that Martin’s on South Fork Ridge had their u-pick strawberries ready we were on our way. Well, actually, you have to call for an appointment first, so we made one for May 22 (so the photo timestamp says) and headed over when the time came.


Chris and Jerry on the job.


Matthew and Maggie.


Elizabeth and Debbie. (I stayed with Benjamin at the car.)


I love this sign because it shows how varied the income streams are on a Mennonite farm. Usually it begins with one farmer ordering supplies and reselling them to a neighbor as a convenience, or providing a service. Edward Martin has slowly built up a major business selling fertilizer, irrigation equipment, and so on. He also repairs starters and alternators at a fair price (he did one for us).


A nice grape arbor at Martin’s. They were also picking asparagus the day we were there, so we came home with a sackful of that.


Most of a five-gallon bucket full. Very impressive!



But just to be sure ….


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