Busted Kindle

Our Kindle screen went haywire this weekend. I was worried that we had mishandled it somehow, but Chris reminded me that he had taken it along on Saturday and read in the car, placed it in the glove compartment when we arrived (the day was almost cool), then gone to fetch it an hour later and saw that the screen was a mess when he turned it on. If the Kindle can’t stand up to that, I don’t feel responsible.

I checked on the internet to see if there is anything that might fix the problem. Only one thing—a hard reset, which is performed by holding the power switch on for twenty seconds. I did that, and there was no change. So I went to the Amazon website and found a page for reporting Kindle problems. There were two buttons: Email Me, and Call Me. I clicked Call Me.

Within seconds my phone rang, with a recording telling me to wait for a customer service rep. Within a minute a rep came on the line, read her spiel off a diagnostic screen telling me to reset the Kindle (I told her I had, but apparently there’s no path through the decision tree for that one, so I reset it again at her request). That not solving the problem, she transferred me to a Screen Specialist, who asked me to describe the screen, asked if I thought it had been dropped, apologized for the inconvenience and said a new one would be shipped to me on Monday, It’ll be here tomorrow.

This is only a minor inconvenience. Much of what I had on the old Kindle will be automatically downloaded to the new one, either by Amazon or by an application I use at home to manage its contents. And it is excellent customer service, the kind I always get from Amazon, the kind that makes me quite happy to do most of my online shopping through them.


One thought on “Busted Kindle

  1. I have had similar screen issues three times with my Kindle, and they’ve replaced it, no questions asked, at no charge to me at all. Even when it was my fault (dropping it) because they said it should be able to fall that far w/o damage.

    They even accidentally sent one replacement to my father in law, then sent me a second replacement instead of waiting for the original to be sent over or returned.

    Fantastic customer experience.

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