Argent Hotel, San Francisco

Back in my days as a corporate programmer I occasionally attended a professional conference. It was a very expensive perk, and one that I never enjoyed that much. But over the years you forget enough about how much you disliked the last one to get excited about going back again.


In 2000 I went to the JavaOne conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.


It was definitely a geeks’ conference. Note the beanbag chairs and the banks of available computers in the background. I forget what all these folks are looking at. The fellow right in front has the very nice laptop bag that was given to every attendee. I still use mine, though not for a laptop.


They fed us well at lunchtime, and of course the weather was beautiful.


The view from the lunch area.


I stayed in this very nice, very expensive hotel just a block away. My room was on the 39th floor.


The room had a floor-to-ceiling window with a spectacular view. But what impressed me the most was the architectural detail on the older surrounding buildings.








One thought on “Argent Hotel, San Francisco

  1. Thanks for posting that – I have made a couple similar visits to the Moscone Center myself. Did not get a nice hotel room though…..

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