Which Side are You On?

We learned this song during our days promoting the Music of Coal CD set, and learned to really like it, both for its sentiments and for the music. When this was recorded we hadn’t played it for awhile, and this is a good example of how we’ll mess around with the feel of a song when it isn’t in the core repertoire at that point. Of course, you don’t know what our standard version sounded like. I remember—sort of—and I’m not quite satisfied with this take, although it’s interesting and worth exploring. If we were going to bring it back, I would probably push for a squarer tempo, more of a slow march.


2 thoughts on “Which Side are You On?

  1. Is there a way I can get some of your songs onto my iPod? I’m putting together a playlist of music for our 4th of July cookout and I wanted to include some of your bluegrass, if that’s okay with you.

  2. Kelly,

    For the Soundcloud songs I’ve been posting recently, you can click on the downward-pointing arrow at the right to download a particular song. And then there’s always our free songs page, also linked in the right sidebar. You can download any song on that page in the usual way, e.g. by right-clicking the link and telling it where to save a copy.

    I don’t use an iPod, but I assume the next step is to import those files into iTunes from wherever you downloaded them to, then sync with the iPod.

    And you are welcome to do whatever you like with any of our songs. They’re free, you know!

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