Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

In place of the daily photo post, I’ll point you to the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, whose internet presence I’ve been monitoring. This video first posted in February has gone viral, clocking 1.2 million views so far. (This still comes nowhere close to Rebecca Black’s “Fridays”, which totaled 150 million views in the three months it was on YouTube.)

As with most prodigies, the performance is more impressive than enjoyable. But it is impressive, and bluegrass trend watchers are always curious to see if a new thing will penetrate the consciousness of the general public. Jonny Mizzone caught the eye of several TV shows and chose to appear on David Letterman last week. Here’s a video of that performance.

This performance has not caught fire like the previous video. After a week only 13,000 people have viewed this video. If you look at the viewing statistics for a video (click on the graph icon next to the number of views), when a video goes viral the graph is shaped like a hockey stick—at some point the numbers shoot up rapidly. But for this second video the views increase pretty steadily for a few days, and then begin to trail off.

Usually the spike in numbers corresponds to some important person or website linking to the video. It’s only been a week, so that could still happen. Or it could be that 1:20 of Flint Hill Special is enough for most people.


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