Augusta Heritage Center: 1

While preparing to leave for West Virginia, we had a minor emergency on Friday. Chris was practicing for his fiddle class with Tracy Schwarz, and noticed that the fingerboard had come completely loose. He immediately loosened the strings, then dusted off his backup fiddle (the $150 instrument he started with), practiced a bit–and the neck broke off! Fortunately, Chris’s fiddle teacher in Lexington is both a luthier and a friend, so I made an unexpected run to town on Friday to leave it with him, and he was good enough to let us pick it up Sunday morning on our way through town.

We’re camping to save money, and the campground is very nice for tent campers, unusual in this day of RV dominance. The owner very proudly insisted that we admire the cleanliness of the bathhouse. It is very clean, and that makes a stay much more pleasant. The campground even has wi-fi.

Camping tip: Chris sleeps in a tent but I usually sleep in the car, whose seats are kinder to my back than an air mattress. This works fine in spring or fall, but in summer you’d like to sleep with the windows open. How to avoid nighttime bugs? I looked around and saw car window screens on the internet, but they were $15-30 apiece and there was no time to order anyway. Then I thought: why not just cut some cheap fiberglass screening to size and then use masking tape to fix it to the windows? That’s what we did last night, and it worked fine.

The school days and nights here are pretty full, and it isn’t clear how much time I’ll have to post or how much I’ll feel like it. I’m writing right now because of a gap in the schedule, plus a big storm is moving through, leaving plenty of time to sit and enjoy the comfy chairs and A/C in the student lounge.

The music is excellent, as are the teachers. I don’t know how much I’ll learn, but these folks know how to do many of the things I wish I could do, so if I don’t learn them it won’t be for lack of trying or opportunity.

Since there’s not much food for thought in the above, I recommend if you’re hungry for that make a stop at Cindy’s blog today, where she raises a pretty deep question. Right now I don’t have the time to write about it, just think about it. If the discussion is still going in a few days I may add my thoughts, or just post them here separately.


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