Augusta Heritage Center: 2

Resolutions are easily broken–our fourth day in Elkins, WV and only the second post of the week. Our schedule is very disjointed because events are timed more for students staying on campus. We alternate between needing to squeeze in errands, and having long stretches of downtime while on-campus folks eat a meal or do something else we aren’t doing.

Each week at Augusta is actually several different weeks run concurrently. We are at Early Country Week, but it is also Cajun/Creole week and Guitar Week. There are instructor concerts Tuesday and Thursday, usually quite spectacular and always a nice mixture of the different styles. It was a treat last night to hear good Cajun music and some of the guitar wizards who are teaching.

Usually we are too wimpy to participate much in the after hours activities (which are really after after hours, since the regular events like the dances and concerts run till 10 or 11pm). But tonight there is a gumbo  party that will be followed by a late-night honky-tonk jam. We will stick around for the start of that, then decide how to balance the joy of that against the need to get some sleep for tomorrow’s classes.

Chris and I gave a short performance this afternoon, at a showcase for scholarship students. Really it was meant to showcase the many young folks who are able to come study Cajun music because of the fund, but since there were some Early Country Week scholars Ginny wanted her program featured as well. We talked a bit, played two songs, then gave way to the Cajuns. It went well.


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