For about two months now I’ve run an experiment on this blog, writing substantial posts nearly every day on a wide variety of topics. I wanted to know if I could maintain such a pace, and what the reaction would be.

The reaction, both private and public, has been gratifying but not overwhelming. I think if I continued at it (and especially if I learned to focus) I could slowly build a solid readership. And I’ve enjoyed putting some of the deeper material out there for folks to see.

As to whether the pace is maintainable, it is and it isn’t. I keep a running list of possible topics to write about, and that list has grown rather than shrunk during this stretch. The writing seems to inspire more writing. And the writing itself is coming a bit easier, meaning that I don’t devote a huge chunk of time to it.

Unfortunately, several possibilities have opened up for us lately, all of them more likely to benefit us than the blogging ever will, and I need to spend whatever time and attention is available nurturing those. So the blogging has to go. For a while, at least.

In the past I’ve avoided making this kind of announcement. If I needed to stop I simply stopped, and once I had the time or interest to pursue it again the posting simply resumed. But I thought that stopping short after such a frenetic period might raise some questions, and so I’m giving the very mundane answer in advance.

I do plan to continue adding to the Curiosities sidebar; if you find that useful you might want to add it to your RSS reader. And for those of you who follow the blog in an RSS reader, you’ll know the moment I start posting again—which I fully expect to happen.

Meanwhile, thanks very much for your interest.


4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Too bad, but you’re in my RSS, so I’ll look forward to whatever comes, whenever it does. My best wishes. It’s a hard time for thinking people at the moment.

  2. You were writing too fast for me to think lately, so thanks for the time to ponder some of your recent posts before they get buried!

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