StroboClip tuner

For years we’ve used a Petersen Virtual Strobe tuner, a big blue $200+ box that is very fast and accurate. We envied folks the portability of the little clip-on tuners that have become so popular in recent years, but the Virtual Strobe just did a much better job for us.

Now Petersen has managed to cram that capability into a clip-on tuner, the StroboClip.

It really works, and you can have one for just $70 from a number of places. We bought one, shared it extensively at the music school last week, and didn’t miss the big blue box at all. So we’ll probably be trying to sell that on eBay while there’s still a market for them.

Even better in some ways, if you have an iPhone, is the Petersen iStroboSoft app. Only $10, and supposedly just as fast and accurate. Bill Kirchen was using one at the music school.


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