The McMansion in Our Little Cul-de-Sac

I was listening to the old song “Little Log Cabin in the Lane” and wondering what the modern equivalent of it might be. Then this song came to me. I don’t have a good recording of it yet, but here’s a YouTube video of us singing it in the family room (I was testing out the camera on my new iPod Touch).

One thing I like about this song is that it is not as silly as it could be. There are silly elements, but overall it tells the story of the past four years straight. That was brought home to me as we began practicing it. Cover versions of the original song are usually fast and jaunty, but the song itself, though corny, is sad and wistful at its core. Chris got out his banjo, and we found a slow and sweet take that brings out the sadness of the modern story.

All my friends were flipping houses and getting mighty rich
I didn’t want them leaving me behind
So I headed for the suburbs, signed on the dotted line
Had no money, but no one seemed to mind   

     Oh the chimney’s falling down and the roof is caving in
     And the bank just told me they don’t want it back
     So I’m sitting here rent free till the tax man comes for me
     The McMansion in our little cul-de-sac

It was two thousand and seven when I bought my slice of heaven
Granite countertops and in-ground swimming pool
One year later things went flat, my boss handed me my hat
And the people that I owed turned mighty cruel

Well, the bad news is the good news, so many folks are busted
That it’s hardly worth the time to mess with me
While I watch those fat cats plunder, I sit and wait and wonder
Is the good life that I had now history

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