Which Side Are You On

I shy away from movements, but I am glad to see the Occupy folks raising some important questions. Whether that questioning will spread among the actual 99% remains to be seen. But I thought they needed a song, and when I discovered that no one had yet updated “Which Side Are You On” (even though the phrase is widely invoked), I thought I’d try my hand at it.

Here’s a very rough recording done on the front porch.

Come listen, you good people, this truth needs to be told
It’s time to tell the one percent we can’t be bought or sold

     Which side are you on, folks, which side are you on
     Which side are you on, folks, which side are you on

They’ll never hear our grievance until we raise a fuss
There’s only one percent of them and ninety-nine of us

My dad slaved for the bosses from dawn to setting sun
He worked and saved as best he could but now his money’s gone

They told me if I’d take a loan my future would be bright
And now to pay those bankers I work both day and night

The bailouts lined the pockets of the one percent
It’s time they told the rest of us just where that money went

Don’t listen to the ones they hire to fill the air with lies
We’ll never break free of their chains unless we organize


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