Pepper Spray

A new song, set to our arrangement (slightly modified) of “Pallet on Your Floor”. You are probably familiar with the incident which inspired it.

     Put down that can of pepper spray
     Holster your taser, put the paint ball gun away
     Don’t sell them your soul, no matter what they pay
     Put down that can of pepper spray

They’ll pay you a thousand bucks a week
To gas any kid who tries to speak
Dress you like a stormtrooper, tell you this is war
Won’t tell you what you’re fighting for

They’ll pay you to sacrifice your soul
To show the world they’re in control
Make you spray it down the throat, in the eyes, in the face
Pay you to live with the disgrace

There’s still time to change your mind
Leave the one percent behind
Tear up that paycheck, just turn and walk away
Put down that can of pepper spray


3 thoughts on “Pepper Spray

  1. And then we find out that the truth is that the police were encircled by the protestors who refused to let them LEAVE. The police asked them to break the circle to allow them to leave. They then told the protestors that if they did not let them leave, that they would use pepper spray. The protestors still refused. Quite a different situation than the one portrayed in the media.

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