Get Back in Line

This song was inspired musically by the Flatt & Scruggs song “Get in Line Brother”, lyrically by the old Kinks song “Get Back in the Line”. It’s mostly an excuse for Chris to show off his Scruggs-style guitar playing.

Work within the system, learn to get along
That’s the best way to righten the wrongs
Don’t start fussing that it ain’t good enough
If you keep on making noise things may start to get rough

     Get back in line, my brother, get back in line
     Stick with the duties that you’ve been assigned
     If you want to make a difference, learn to lead from behind
     Get back in line, my brother, get back in line

Patience is a virtue, not a disgrace
Slow and steady will win us the race
Stand near the back when the bosses come around
It’s the nail that sticks up that gets hammered down

Things today are looking mighty bleak
But like it says in the Bible, blessed are the meek
Learn to get along for all that you’re worth
If you don’t rock the boat, you’ll inherit the earth


One thought on “Get Back in Line

  1. Love the music & the lyrics. The whole concept of not rocking the boat goes against my natural, non-conformist tendencies. Of course, I’d ask if Jesus set the example of “not rocking the boat.” I’m not sure I could look at it that way, but in my life I see that had I not rocked the boat things would be much different.

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