Six White Horses

This was inspired by songs called “Six White Horses” by both Bill Monroe and Gillian Welch. But I only stole the idea of six white horses, plus the “coming after me” from Welch. The melody is basically “Mystery Train” as heard by the Ridgewood Boys.

Six white horses met the train today
Took up their burden and slowly rode away
Six white horses driving down the road
Heads bowed down by the weight of the load

Six white horses pulling up the hill
Townspeople watching, silent and still
Six white horses coming two by two
Still can’t believe what we asked him to do

Six white horses coming round the bend
Laid down his life for the love of his friends
Six white horses stopping at my door
To bring home the boy who’d gone off to war

Six white horses coming after me
Today the Lord is gonna set me free


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