What I Been Working For

The musical inspiration for this song is the old-time tune “Sail Away Ladies”, also called “Sally Ann”. Here’s the performance that got me thinking about that.


My dad was always short of luck
Never had much growing up
F-100 pickup truck was all we could afford
I started work and never stopped
Climbed the ladder, reached the top
Loaded up my credit card as part of my reward

     I worked real hard to get this far
     Money, house, big fine car
     But no one stays up late enough to meet me at the door
     I wish that I could slow it down
     Take it easy, turn around
     Learn to do without the things that I been working for

My obligations grew and grew
Wife and kids, house and school
The lifestyle we’re accustomed to ain’t easy to maintain
Nights and weekends office bound
Work myself into the ground
I’d like to stop but every month the bills come due again
I think my daddy had it right
No sense working day and night
Just to buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need anyway
That pickup took us everywhere
Had food to eat, clothes to wear
Always had enough to share with folks who couldn’t pay


One thought on “What I Been Working For

  1. Technical question about this — is it possible to keep an uploaded file private? I’m trying to figure out if I can do a few audio blog posts, but I just want to test WP’s system before having anything public.

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