The Little World of Don Camillo

Here’s something else I like, a real gem courtesy of my friend Laura Alderson. Go ahead and read Laura’s post about Don Camillo–if this sort of thing is for you, her post and the clip found there are enough to make you a fan. I’ve watched the first movie now, and it instantly climbed high up my list of all time favorites. I am a major sucker for stories set in rural villages.

Manon of the Spring (1986) PosterJean de Florette (1986) PosterEven higher on my list are Jean de Florette and its sequel Manon of the Spring, but only because the tale told there is weightier; with regard to setting, Don Camillo rings all the same bells for me, and rings them well.


Things I like

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, even longer since I posted regularly. Just for a change, I will post somethingĀ at least once a day, mostly inconsequential stuff. One kind of post I plan to make is about things I like, just in case some of my readers might like them as well.

Here’s a video I like, “Hitler’s rant against Amazon”. (I especially like the line, “Don’t worry, he likes you too.”):

I like most of the “Hitler’s rant” videos I’ve seen, which is why I was glad to find this site that allows you to make your very own “Hitler’s rant” video. I’ve thought a few times about making one myself, but each time decided it would be too mean. Still, I’m glad in some cases that other folks aren’t as inhibited as I am.