Send to Kindle

If you own a Kindle, I highly recommend using Amazon’s Send to Kindle utility. I’ve used similar tools–Instapaper, Read it Later (now Pocket)– but I don’t need the extra functionality they offer, and Send to Kindle seems to be more integrated into the Amazon ecosystem, no surprise there.

The idea is very simple: if you encounter a long piece of writing in your browser, click on the Send to Kindle button and the text (minus all the ads and other webpage ornaments) will be sent to your Kindle, just as if you had bought it from Amazon.

This is one of the few utilities that has managed to change my habits for the better. Rather than devoting large chunks of time to surfing the web, reading as I go, I tend to graze for shorter stretches, reading the short pieces and sending the longer ones to my Kindle for later consumption. At first I would almost immediately go to my Kindle to read them, but now I’m comfortable enough that they will stay available that I save and forget, then re-encounter the pieces whenever I happen to have time to settle in for some reading.

I’m also glad to find that not nearly as many pieces make the Send-to-Kindle cut as I expected. Sometimes a little disappointed, even, when I run out of queued-up material before the reading mood passes.


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