Kindle Highlights

Lately I’ve been away from home a lot, and my Kindle has gotten a lot of use–in airports and on planes, and in places where my bookshelves aren’t. Mine is a Kindle Keyboard, not that old but still missing features (especially backlighting) I envy in the newer models. I’ll probably upgrade when the 2014 version is released.

One thing I like about Amazon as a company is that they are devoted to continually improving their customers’ experience. New features just show up on their website and their products, you don’t pay anything for them, and they work just like they ought. Quite often while using an Amazon product I find myself thinking there ought to be a better way–and then I poke around a bit, and sure enough the better was already there, waiting for me to discover it.

I’ve always marked up books as I read them, so when I first bought my Kindle I was excited about the text highlighting feature. But back then all it did was dump the highlighted items to a hard-to-access text file, so I soon forgot about it–but continued to mark passages out of habit. I knew vaguely that Amazon had since built on highlighting–e.g. showing you passages that other people had highlighted, something I quickly turned off.

Last night I was highlighting a particular book very heavily, and found myself wishing there was some easy way to get a list of those passages. This morning I searched on “kindle highlight,” and found this page in my Amazon account:


Very nice. And a little scrolling reveals that ALL my highlights are there, at least back to March 2011. And I didn’t need to do a thing to make it all happen.


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