Regular posting will resume today

For reasons I’ll eventually discuss, I’ve decided to try establishing a habit of at-least-daily posting here on this blog. The first post is already written and will be along in a moment. I’m not a fan of announcing this sort of thing (I’m out of here! I’m back!), but since my reasons for resuming are connected to things I’ll be writing about in the near future, I thought it would be OK to mention it.

Primarily I want to use at-least-daily posting as a discipline. I find it helpful to write regularly, and I find it helpful to write for an audience, however small or imaginary. Usually my efforts to write are inhibited by thinking that what I have to say on a topic isn’t momentous enough to publish. So I’d like to set the bar low enough to get the words flowing—just write something today!—but not so far that I start to bloviate.

I’m not totally confident that I can meet the write-at-once-a-day standard, so I will cheat a bit by allowing myself to fill up the WordPress queue, to the point where I can reliably publish at-least-daily. And if that queue begins to grow, I will up the frequency of publishing until some sort of equilibrium is reached.

It’s nice to be back.


One thought on “Regular posting will resume today

  1. I always enjoy your blog posts. By the way, Feedly didn’t update — I came here through your link at Facebook. Don’t know if there’s something wrong with Feedly or WordPress, but thought you’d like to know.

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