Build Guild

imageI was reading an article about how to be a good web developer, and one of the recommendations was to find a meetup group for that particular interest. The article led me here. I’m not sure I’d ever go, since Louisville is an hour away, and I don’t know how badly I want to network with other web programmers.

But I did like the bullet point in the lower right corner, shown at right. That was enough to get me to look at their about page, really a how-to-start-one page. Lots of good ideas about how to create a successful community.

I passed the link along to Chris in Google Chat (something I do to him all day long, but he never complains). He replied:

haha… sounds like what a lot of community should have been

like church for example

To which I replied:

Just what I was thinking! I want ChurchGuild!

Which is true, I really do. BuildGuild say in their “How we got started” section:

There have always been a number of meet-ups and gatherings happening around us. We’d go to them; some were great, some were less-than-great, but then afterwards you’d always go to a nearby bar and chat with other attendees, meeting others that did what you do.

While presentations are good, but we found that we were really going just to meet other people. At most of the events, that part didn’t start until nine or ten, and we always had a train to catch.

Another thing we found is that groups seem to assemble in niche-focuses. There are WordPress meet-ups, mini-Drupal-cons everywhere, Python- and PHP-groups, Ruby gatherings, etc. Why should we have to be interested in Ruby to meet people that happened to code Ruby?

So we did what made sense to us: we started Build Guild. Think of it as the part that comes after a presentation, except that’s all you’re doing.

This is exactly why I continue to attend church, for the part which comes after the presentation. Except that these days the presentation has almost completely crowded out the after part, and we consider ourselves more holy for allowing that to happen.


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