Breaking the chain

Yesterday was a busy day, and it did not occur to me until I was drifting off to sleep that I hadn’t made one of my at-least-daily posts. There goes the chain! But it’s just as well, I can also use the occasional reminder not to be a slave to the chain.

This happened once before, while I was in El Paso and had only been posting for ten or eleven days. I was reading in bed when I remembered, and immediately got up and went and posted something. And that was probably the right thing to do, since I hadn’t yet established a habit. But after five weeks I’ve gained most of the benefit to be had from that artificial motivation. It’s true that writing daily is not a default for me, but there are other reasons that I’m struggling with besides simple habit.

For contrast, I think that a daily walk is now a default for me—even though I went for nearly a week without taking one. Since returning to Frankfort the weather has been horrible for walking. For the first week I looked for indoor opportunities, even pacing the aisles of a nearby supermarket. But then I decided it was OK not to walk, that I wasn’t likely to fall out of the habit, and made no special effort while we were snowbound (or what passes for snowbound in central Kentucky).

One day when running box-store errands I stretched out the usual paths and probably ended up putting in two miles. Sunday it was just barely warm enough for me to walk an abbreviated version of the two mile route I plan to take through the neighborhood. And today was beautiful, 60 degrees, and as I was about to get in the car for a quick run to the market (snow coming again tomorrow), even though I was a bit pressed for time, I went ahead and walked the neighborhood again. So I think walking will easily be a regular activity—if and when the weather decides to cooperate!


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