Walking again

I stopped chronicling my walking because there wasn’t much to say. My time in El Paso was enough to make me a walk-ful person, at least to my satisfaction. And I knew it would be a challenge to continue walking when I got home, where winter still ruled. And it was. It would have been difficult enough if we had had the usual dry cold, but there was continual rain and snow and ice, unusual for here, enough to make walking the neighborhood unpleasant. I tried visiting a nearby supermarket and walking the aisles, but that soon enough felt silly. So for two weeks or so I resigned myself to maximizing my steps while running errands, and just having faith that I had indeed become walk-ful.

The final storm came and went, and the snow melted, and I began walking my new route. Very pleasant. We live in an older neighborhood, very quiet, lots of trees and houses with character. I cover two miles in about 45 minutes.

Today after church I wanted to get out, but so did everyone else, and seven-year-old Peter needed to be watched. So I took him with me. At the beginning he was much faster than me, towards the end a bit slower. We chatted about the things a seven-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome likes to chat about with his dad. We said hello to the neighbors who were out, working on cars or just enjoying the weather. On the short stretch of highway we traveled Peter waved at every car that drove by. Occasionally we would be visited by one or more of the other three young ones, who were riding the neighborhood on their bikes. I cut the walk a little short–I’ll pick up the rest later this afternoon, if I feel like it—came in for a drink, then went out to chat with Chris, who is making walkways between the garage and the house by laying large flat stones we saved off a couple of years ago when the city was digging in our backyard laying new sewer pipe.


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