Step aside, old man

Here’s a bit of wisdom you don’t hear often enough these days:

Those who are older than 55 should certainly still work as they are able (that includes me!). But we should leave administrative and executive functions aside — that is what aging leads us away from. Instead, the older among us should engage in the work of discernment — of prayer, study, listening, writing, and counsel. That’s what age prepares us for, and leads us towards.

The post it comes from is well worth reading, as is the Francis Bacon essay the writer cites. Reading them reminded me very much of the opening events in one of my favorite movies, The Seven Samurai. The men are arguing about how to deal with the bandits that repeatedly raid their village. Finally one says, “Let’s go ask the Old Man!” They go and talk to him. He gives counsel. They decide to follow it. My anarchist heart is strangely warmed by it all.

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