Leo Babauta on unplugging

I really do intend to write a post about my current reading sources, once circumstances cooperate. One is Leo Babauta, who just wrote a helpful post called Opt Out: A Simplicity Manifesto. In it you’ll find a list of excellent suggestions for lowering the volume of low-value information that is vying for your attention.

As he concludes the post:

So what’s left after we’ve opted out of social media and online addictions, shopping and advertising, and the ways that most people live?

We become weirdos! In the best way.

But seriously, once we opt out of the norm … our lives are wide open. Our possibilities are staggering. […]

The point isn’t to opt out of life. It’s to see that life is much more than we dare to believe it can be.

I can vouch for this. First my life was overcrowded. Then I started clearing out portions of my life in order to make room for other things I wanted to include. But once I started clearing simply to make room, I began to see possibilities I hadn’t imagined and might never have seen otherwise.


One thought on “Leo Babauta on unplugging

  1. I opted out of Christmas when I converted to Judaism and I was amazed at the free up, and I am onboard with a lot of these (do them already or can see why they would be useful). But he proposes some things that seem to me to be complications (becoming a vegan). I guess it’s all in where you are in life.

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