Home again

I’ve been home for five days now, after three months away. Those three months were spent in El Paso with my dad as he suddenly declined and eventually died. I plan to write in detail about the entire experience, initially just for myself, but I hope that some of what I write will be suitable to publish here.

Some of the regular practices I’d developed fell apart during that stretch, but I think just temporarily. I walked when I could. I blogged a bit. I didn’t actively work on posture but I consciously tried to maintain what I’ve accomplished so far. I didn’t meditate, but what I gained from eight months of faithful meditation served me well through a challenging time.

And now I’m home for the forseeable future, and slowly re-establishing my routine. I just got off the cushion, though only for ten minutes rather than the thirty I had built up to before. The weather is nice enough to make a morning walk tomorrow sound quite pleasant. And here I am blogging again! There’s plenty to write about, even aside from my experience with my dad, so expect a return to regular posts in the days to come.

3 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Servetus (and everyone),

    We were all well prepared for it. The four children visited with him regularly in the last few years; for the last three I scheduled three-week visits every three months. I’m far more grateful for that time with him than I am sorry that he’s gone. And I think he had done all he wanted to do by the end.

    At his memorial service I said that several times I had heard him tell friends his health issues had been a blessing of sorts, since they had brought his family closer together. It was true. We all pitched in as we were able, and the final days and the week after were happier than they were sad—lots of renewed acquaintances, family stories retold, laughter. The four children spent nearly a week together at the house after he died, settling his affairs. It was the longest stretch we’d all been together in 45 years, and we all enjoyed it far more than we expected to.

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