Faithful readers

mentioned earlier that Chris and I are on a quest for 5000 True Fans, making our music freely available in hopes of reaching them. I thought a similar goal might be in order for this weblog. I really don’t want to spend time thinking about how to make money from my writing without knowing that at least that many people find it worthwhile. And I want to take my readership into account if and when it ever comes time to think about writing for money.

So here’s the deal: until 5000 Faithful Readers have declared their existence to me, I will simply continue to write for free. No subscriptions. No ads. No insider access. No goodies in exchange for an email address. Just writing that anyone is free to read and share.

If you prefer to continue reading anonymously, please do so. If you’d like to make yourself known in a comment or email, that’s fine as well. But to make things interesting I will set the bar of Faithful Readership a tiny bit higher that that.

To officially declare yourself a Faithful Reader, please send me a physical piece of mail saying that you enjoy my writing, at this address:

Rick Saenz
PO Box 155
Dunnville, Ky.  42728

That’s all. On this page I’ll keep a running list of Faithful Readers.

I’ll list either your real name or a pseudonym if you prefer. If you like, I’ll include a link to your weblog or other website. I’m hoping that at least some declarations will come in the form of a cool postcard, which I will post an image of unless you prefer that I don’t. I will not share what you write to me unless you insist.

The mail is pouring in! Here are the faithful readers …

1. Debbie Saenz (postcard)
2. Michelle Shelton (postcard)